Addiction and Mental Illness

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It is a classic movie trope we all have seen countless times of someone going through a difficult time within their life and then turning to substances in efforts to help them cope and achieve their daily tasks. However, it is important to remember that the relationship between mental health and substance abuse is much more complex than what a movie would lead you to believe. The two are not at all mutually exclusive. A mental illness does not always trigger the abuse of alcohol or drugs, but Continue Reading ...

What is a Dual Diagnosis?

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A dual diagnosis can be referred to as situations where someone is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction as well as a behavioral or mental health disorder. This is actually pretty common. For most, it is helpful to receive this type of diagnosis; this can help you and your doctor to develop a more defined treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs. Dual Diagnosis Warning Signs Here are some warning signs of someone struggling with a dual diagnosis: Difficulty maintaining good Continue Reading ...

Relationships and Addiction

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Relationships can be a healthy support system especially for those who are experiencing addiction. Relationships are complex and take work to maintain. When addiction enters into the mix, these relationships can become difficult to keep. Many shift their focus from their relationships to their substance use. How Addiction Can Damage Relationships There are several different things that could come to the surface that cause damages to the relationships that are most important in an Continue Reading ...

Opioid Dependence: Risk Factors, Warning Signs, and Getting Help

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Many don’t realize they are heading towards opioid dependence, but addiction to this substance group is incredibly common. Oftentimes, those prescribed opioids for legitimate pain relief are not aware of just how high the addiction risk is.   Risk Factors There are several risk factors for opioid addiction: The type of drugs being taken How the drugs are being taken (pill versus injecting, etc.) The length of time the drugs are used Genetics Environment And Continue Reading ...

How to Practice Self-Care as a Recovering Addict

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As a recovering addict, it's easy to let the chaos of daily life consume you. It's easy to forget that taking care of yourself is a priority to mainlining your sober lifestyle. Taking care of yourself can be a difficult task for everyone. Here are 5 simple ways you can practice self-care.  1. Connect. Make it a priority to connect with others who are also in substance abuse recovery. This will help prevent relapse and also help you to avoid loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Continue Reading ...

Exercise Can Help People in Addiction Recovery

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Exercise is healthy for everyone, but exercising regularly may be extra beneficial for those in addiction recovery. Exercise alone is not a treatment for addiction. Combined with treatment options, regular exercise has proven beneficial for those in addiction recovery. Time Commitment Simply put, exercise takes time. Once you stop abusing substances, you have extra time on your hands. Filling that time with exercise is a healthy use of that extra time. Makes You Feel Good Exercise Continue Reading ...

Eating Disorder Treatment

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Eating disorders revolve around abnormal eating habits and can include some physical changes. There are a few different types of eating disorders that involve several different symptoms, because of that there can be specific types of treatments for each. Managing an eating disorder can be a long road. You might have to continuously work to help keep this under control, but recovery is possible with the right treatment options. Most of the common treatments for an eating disorder include Continue Reading ...

Inpatient vs Outpatient Rehab

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How do you know which treatment path is the right one for you? Inpatient or outpatient? There are several differences between them and several different circumstances that might warrant one over the other for your particular treatment needs. Depending on what type of addiction you will be treating will help in the determination of which type of rehab treatment will be the best for you. Inpatient treatment: Patient is treated/checked into a facility Detox is assisted Therapy and Continue Reading ...

Overcoming Loneliness During Addiction Recovery

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Addiction can play a large part in your feeling of loneliness. Most people find that they can temporarily escape the emotional pain by turning to drugs or alcohol. If this feeling is too much for someone to cope with, they can eventually develop a substance abuse problem. Social Support Social support plays a large role in aiding your recovery from substance abuse. You gain social support from friends, family members, and your counselors. They help to empower you to face your struggles and Continue Reading ...

Recovering after Relapse

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Relapsing is not an indicator of failure or inadequate willpower. Relapses are very common for alcohol or drug addicts and can be a short-term setback. Recovery can be difficult, and the path to sobriety will not be easy; you must work to maintain it. It is necessary to keep perspective and not lose hope. One slip up is not going to ruin your sobriety. Here are some tips to get back on track after you have relapsed: Go back for treatment. You might have to reenter an inpatient or Continue Reading ...